About Us

Huronia Optical and Optometric Centre is constructed around very distinct set of principles that set us apart from other eye care clinics. Our optometrists, opticians and support staff are continuously striving to offer you an exceptional eye care experience. Read on to learn more about why Huronia Optical and Optometric Centre is the ideal place to bring your family for comprehensive vision care.

Complete Eye Care

Huronia Optical and Optometric Centre is a friendly and relaxing eye care facility in Midland Ontario that offers eye exams, vision therapy, and an extensive selection of fashionable and unique eyewear choices.  At Huronia Optometric Centre, we will take care of all your eye health and vision needs. Our highly trained optometrists’ provide our patients with comprehensive eye exams, at home treatments, as well as medical eye treatment prescriptions. Dr. Baraam and Dr. Kaufman work hard to ensure that they are providing a comfortable and friendly eye exam experience for everyone.. From ocular emergencies to diagnostic testing, the doctors’ at Huronia Optometric Centre will proactively protect and support your eye health.

Compassionate Care

Our optometrists and opticians prioritize your eye health above all else. We invite you to visit our office to receive outstanding eye care.  More importantly, we would like you to return each year so that we can develop a comprehensive understanding of your specific eye health needs.  If your eyes deserve the best, then your eyes deserve comprehensive care that can only delivered to you by the staff at Huronia Optical and Optometric Centre.  Contact us to book your eye exam today!