Regular Check-ups

Thorough routine eye examinations are an essential part of maintaining your overall health and well being. Now, more than ever, routine ocular assessments are fundamental  for both adults and children. Frequency is established by age, eye health and general health; however, having an eye exam minimum every 24 months should be regarded as the standard for most.

Food for thought… As discussed, age is one of the factors determining frequency of eyecare visits.  Optometrists recommend that any child beneath the age of 20 be seen annually for a comprehensive eye exam.  (as this is covered by presenting the patients Ontario Health Card; there would be no fee to the parent)  With the ongoing changes to school curriculums, your children need the best vision in order to excel in their day to day learning. Jeopardized vision is directly associated with learning disabilities.   Failing or uncorrected vision can impair your child’s abilities to succeed in school and even in everyday life.

A visit to the eye doctor can uncover more than you realize. The optometrist in not only checking if you need glasses.  Your exam can provide a whole host of details that allow the doctor not only to assess your vision, but also your general health.  During a routine exam, the optometrist assesses how well your eye muscles function both separately and together.  Assessing whether you see properly in all 3 dimensions.  Additionally, through diagnostic testing, the optometrist can uncover whether you are suffering from diseases (systemic or otherwise) having ocular involvement.  Some of these include diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration.  

Eye exams should never be delayed, regardless of age. Most of the degenerative disorders that involve the eye are silent. This means they would not likely be detected unless you have been thoroughly assessed by your Optometrist.  Our equipment can track minute changes to the eye’s functions and appearance. Precautions can be taken, if anything appears irregular, in order to safeguard against any possibility of vision loss.  It is noteworthy that most damages caused to the eye by a disease or defect can be irreparable; therefore routine preventative eye exams are an absolute necessity!

Your vision allows you to see the world and appreciate the beauty in your children, family and friends.  Your eyes enable you to be effective and productive.  Healthy eyes are one of  the cornerstones to a happy life, don’t take this for granted.  Visit your optometrist regularly to preserve this irreplaceable gift.