Vision Assessment

Huronia Optometric Centre provides a complete service eyecare facility in Midland, Ontario. Our eye exams include a complete evaluation of your oculo-visual system. Our optometrists have access to advanced technology equipment thus allowing them to obtain a profound understanding of your ocular health and vision care needs. At Huronia Optometric Centre we prioritize your needs and overall general health and well-being.  Dr. Di Nardo and Dr. Chang take the time to carry out a most thorough and careful eye health exam; ensuring the detection of any potential ocular or general health risks as can be identified through a comprehevsive exam.  (examples of potential risks include conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, eye infections, dry eye syndrome etc…)

Eye exams are a very important part of maintaining your general health. One could even say happy eyes happy life.  At Huronia Optical and Optometric Centre, we make it our mission to affect our patients/clients in a positive, uplifting way.  We are strong believers that with the best possible vision, your everyday life can improve in many ways.  A lot of “first timers” (adults who have never had an eye exam) are surprised when they receive their new eyewear; they realize that a lot of day to day stress was caused by excessive eyestrain.  People who are properly corrected experience less headaches, eye strain and even neck muscle strain (symptoms that we commonly associate with general stress).  In this day and age of modern technology our vision is pushed to the max.  For example: Computer vision syndrome is becoming more and more common in the modern workplace. Our eye exams will determine if this syndrome is affecting your comfort level and/or productivity.  Through regular eye exams and proper correction, the doctors and staff at Huronia Optical and Optometric centre can help you become a more comfortable and productive individual in your day to day life.