Contact Lens Do’s and Don’ts

Do- wash your hands before insertion/removal

Do- clean the lenses properly everyday

Do- Comply with the instructed wearing schedule (i.e. If the lens is a 2 week lens, it is to be worn for no more than 14 wears) Overwearing the lenses can cause damage to the cornea and poses a greater risk of infection.

Do- instill some saline or comfort drops in the eye before removal of the lenses if removal is difficult (lenses can get dry during the day, lubrication before removal can make it easier and cause less damage)

Do- give the eyes a break in the evening for a few hours before bed

Do- take a day or 2 off during the week with no wear 

Do- clean your case once per week with mild soap and let it air dry

Do- change your case and solution every 3 months to avoid contamination

Do- change the solution every 7 days if the lenses are sitting for any period of time

Do- Come for a follow up appointment once a year, or if there is any problem. This is to ensure that vision remains stable if there has been a prescription change and to ensure that the eye remains healthy.   Changes in health or lifestyle can affect the fit of the lenses.  Your contact lenses should be monitored in order to ensure a stable fit.

Do- have an eye exam every 2 years. An eye exam is important not only for a new prescription; the doctor is checking the health of the eye. General Health problems and eye health issues have a much greater affect on the way you see than any prescription can.

Don’t- buy the solution that’s on sale- it is the proper combination of your lens material, contact lens solution and tear film that allow for safe and comfortable contact lens wear.

Don’t- swim, sleep or shower while wearing contact lenses.  Contact lenses act as a sponge and will absorb any bacteria present in the water, and then hold the bacteria on your eye for a prolonged period of time.  Certain waterborne bacteria can cause complete corneal breakdown that can be irreversible.

Don’t- wear the lenses for more than 12 hours a day

Don’t- leave yourself without a backup – keep your glasses with you and some solution in case you need to take the lenses out when you are away from home for any reason

Don’t- use eye drops unless they are specified as safe for use with contacts

Don’t- wait until the last minute to reorder your next supply of lenses (allow at least 1-2 weeks for your order to arrive to avoid running out)