Contact Lens Modalities

Choosing a lens that properly suits your lifestyle can be very important.  Using the proper lens modality works to your benefit by increasing comfort, maintaining ocular health and minimizing the risk of infection.  Additionally, the right choice of modality can have the added benefit of convenience especially if you are an active individual.

Daily Lenses: If you want the lenses for special occasions, or only for occasional wear- daily lenses are the best option.  You open a new pair each day and throw out at the end of the day. * This is the healthiest option because you are putting a fresh new lens in the eye each time.

Bi-Weekly Lenses: Bi-weekly lenses are made for people who want to wear the lenses on a more full time schedule (14 wears/ lens).

Monthly Lenses: Also designed for a person who wants full time wear (30 wears/lens)