Follow-up Care

Once your optician has selected a lens product, a follow up appointment will take place to ensure that this lens fit is healthy and stable.  Lenses can tend to get tighter on the cornea during the day and deprive the cornea of oxygen.  They can also accumulate protein and put you at risk of an infection.  Having a follow-up appointment allows our fitters to ensure that you are not at risk of any contact lens complications due to dry or dirty lenses.  All of this is done to maintain a healthy eye, stable vision; a comfortable fit.  We are simply working to ensure that you are investing in something that is right for you.

**New Prescription:
When you’ve had a new eye exam, we will order new trials in your new prescription.  Your fitter will complete a file update, which includes re-checking your contact lens fit, and making sure that your vision is good.  They will also update your medical history and discuss any concerns you may have with your current lens product (if any).

Medical History:
A general medical history is taken and updated regularly whenever you meet with your contact lens fitter.  All this information is private and confidential.  This information is being taken because different medications and/or health conditions can affect the quality of vision, tear quality and changes in the cornea (swelling due to hormonal changes).