Licensed Opticians Serve You Better

We have Licensed Opticians available every day to serve you.  They will ensure that the correct frames and lenses are selected for your prescription. Our Opticians are specially trained to interpret prescriptions; they are able to guide you to making the best selections to suit your prescription, style and budget.

When it comes to stronger prescriptions, it is important to select appropriate frame shapes and sizes, to reduce weight and thickness, to maintain good optical clarity (minimizing spherical distortion) all while considering your personal style. When it comes to bifocals, progressives or multifocals; it is equally important to make correct frame selections in order to maximize your glasses performance in life’s day to day ever changing tasks. 

There are so many products out there.  Different indices of refraction allow stronger prescriptions to be lighter and thinner.  Coatings, tints and lens features can allow for improved clarity, enhanced contrast, reduced light transmission in sunny conditions, and/or increased resistance to scratching.  Digital grinding processes, allow for increased field of view in specialty lenses, such as progressives and multifocal office lenses.  Our Opticians are here to help guide you to the correct choice.

Our opticians are also trained to take the measurements required to properly manufacture all prescriptions, whether it be single vision, lined bifocals, progressives or any type of specialized computer lens. Frames always need to be adjusted to your face, not only to make sure they are comfortable to wear without sliding down, but also to make sure the you are looking through the correct part of the lens. (especially progressive lenses). This will help optimize the performance of your glasses.  Our opticians make sure that you are satisfied with the adjustments before leaving the store. However, we always leave the door open for you to come back for any further adjustments or repairs in the future.